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Huntington He(ART)

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

By Alexandra Tregre

This past December, at the San Diego State University handcraft fair, held twice a year, two California artists returned for another successful appearance.
Huntington natives Eric Silk and Mike Newmark have been attending the popular fair for 12 and three years, respectively. Both intend on returning in the many years to come.
Although both work with dichroic glass, a melting of glass and metal, and attend many of the same shows in California, they each have something different to offer their customers.

I must admit when I first met Eric back in 2006, my first year in attendance at State, I was originally drawn to his Grateful Dead tunes and the hippie vibe he gave off. However, I began talking with him and immediately, his kind disposition and passion for what he was doing outshined the 70’s exterior that seemed to enchant me in the first place.

Eric Silk

Silk began a life in the arts about 20 years ago, first creating visual art and candles. The once-college student says the lure of working with his hands and having fun was just too appealing. About 12 years later he started working with dichroic glass and expanded his work to include jewelry and other art forms.
Silk’s passion for art has taken him on journeys to parts of California, Arizona and Nevada in order to sell his work. But he says SDSU’s handcraft fair is his favorite.

“SDSU is a fun campus, I do well here as opposed to a lot of schools; they allow less commercial vendors,” says Silk.

Students, faculty and administration alike appreciate his creative, stylistic jewelry, his visual art, and most fascinatingly, his shake me bottles which are bottles of swirly, shiny awesomeness. Silk says they’re bottles of simply water and ‘magic dust.’

Known for his more than reasonable pricing and his kind heart, Silk hopes to continue improving his work, travel more and looks forward to receiving feedback about new additions to his art. Look out for him in May at SDSU’s next handcraft fair.

Mike Newmark of Fine File Line found his way into the arts in a more abstract way. After retiring from the Vegas restaurant business, the OC native decided to take on a different field and first teamed up with his nephew in the crystal glass art nail file business. These creative files are made of dichroic glass and profile simple artwork on the top of each one. He soon parted ways with his nephew and began his own business with his wife a year and a half ago. The crystal glass files actually come from Europe, the technology was discovered in the Czech Republic.
These files differ from others not only because of their creative designs and dichroic glass base, but because, “the file does what it’s supposed to do; it never wears out and seals your natural (or artificial) nails,” says Newmark.

Mike Newmark

Newmark and his wife have a studio in Lake Forest where they sell the files, but also travel to various art markets around southern California to profile their work; Temecula, La Jolla, Hermosa Beach and Santa Barbara, to name a few.

“It’s been a pleasure,” says Newmark in an congenial tone.

However, Newmark invites artists to send their work to him as he’s always looking for new talent and new designs for the files. Artists can contact him on his website. If your artwork is chosen, he encourages the artists to come to shows with him around SoCal. SackMagazine encourages you to get artistically involved!

Dichroic glass art nail files

Both Silk and Newmark can be found in Huntington Beach at the Huntington fair every Friday; once a month the fair extends from Friday through Sunday. Silk and Newmark will be back at SDSU in May for the summer handcraft fair before the semesters end. So, if you’re in Huntington Beach, or any of the other mentioned locations, pay a visit to these chill dudes and be a part of SackMagazine’s art-centric revolution!

Moe comes to the north shore of Tahoe for a magical evening of music!

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Sack Magazine rep Andrew Gauthier was lucky enough to be at the Moe show last night in Lake Tahoe.

The sold out Crown Room at the Crystal Bay Club Casino was throbbing with anticipation of the well known jam band Moe from Buffalo, NY. Their positive vibe spread through the venue like wildfire and even had the Slot Machine players outside the Crown Room on their feet as well. The sound was powerful and diverse with their two percussionists, two guitars, and a very talented bass player. They played a few popular songs such as Captain America and Timmy Tucker. Not only did they play a couple of their hits, but they extended them with solos and breakdowns that got people moving. What really made the show special is you could see the band was enjoying themselves on stage which made the performance an experience, instead of just another set.

I saw Moe in 2009 at Gathering of the Vibes in Connecticut with a crowd of thousands and the show was cut short by a major lightning storm, threatening the fans and the band. However, on this night there was no lightening storm and there was under 500 people. The small venue allowed for crisp acoustic sound which made this show one to remember. This band proved they will perform anywhere after traveling across the country to play in a local casino showroom as opposed to an ampitheather. What’s speaks volumes about Moe is that they can sell out both size venues with ease.

Fortunately, It looks like this won’t be the last we see of Moe in Tahoe. I say this because of the one liner the Bassist Rob Derhak dropped halfway through the show. “I’ll come back here any time,” he said with a huge smile on his face and his fingers dancing across his bass. The tour continues down the coast stopping in San Franciso, Solana Beach, and Hollywood, California. If you find yourself in a position to attend any of these shows, do not hesitate.

If Moe isn’t for you, it’s still difficult not to appreciate the high caliber of musicianship in the intimate atmosphere of a small venue on the shores of Lake Tahoe. On the other hand, everyone has their own taste.

In the words of Moe: ” I may be right, I may be wrong, but I’m in the middle anyway.”

The Ting Tings v. Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

“As part of a new promotion Sony Music is giving music fans the opportunity to remix Bob Dylan’s classic song, “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” Sony provides everything but the cue cards: the original vocal, bass, guitar and drum tracks, plus tracks performed by other artists. Fans also can record their own music to combine with the other elements”  -

To demonstrate one way to do it, pop-rockers The Ting-Tings have remixed the song…

Heath Ledger as “Skip” – Lords Of Dogtown

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

In memory of Heath Ledger, this is one of my favorite scenes from Lords of Dogtown. It appears as if his character Skip is finally content.This character shows how talented Heath Ledger truly was as he transforms into the picturesque California burnout surfing legend. Although, it didn’t end too bad for skip, shaping Surfboards to a classic song…

Song: Maggie May – Rod Stewart

Newsoul Skateboards : Albert Nyberg’s weekend in Hangaren

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Abert Nyberg from Sweden

Sponsors: One Off, Etnies, Newsoul Skateboards

Generationals – Faces in the Dark