Rene Harris

Somehow I’m rising

somehow still sinking as I’m seduced by you.

And like the waves lonely love

my heart’s pounding throb resounds past the sky

just for you.

Because your outline is embossed in the stars that I watch

while in a harmonious trance

where you are seen as if through glass.

And just as the seas yearning tides

I feel tender in your eyes

while desiring your soft thoughts and the memories I’ve sought.

Such as your breathless touch and the feeling of lust

as your lips

tingling like mist

glide over the silken hills of my hips.

With a simple squeeze of your hand,

my words fall away as sand

like the rocks by the edge of the ocean

as though your soul could see the motion

of my heart as it plunges deeper into the dark parts of blue

fluttering and muttering a sweet slow goodnight.

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